Climate-controlled closets and complete installations.


Our special feature is to provide both customized designs and mass-production light steelwork solutions.

Our building processes are certified and tested. Welding is tested using penetrating liquids and low-pressure sealing, and surface treatments must pass stringent salt spray tests.
In addition, we can provide air conditioning systems for military applications with high custom-designed MBTFs.

We are also specialized in the creation of lockers with screens to protect them from electromagnetic and radio frequency interferences. Our production is perfectly compliant with the severe requirements of the following regulations: MIL STD 810 (vibrations), MIL STD 901(impact tests) EMI/RFI screening at TEMPEST level.

Steel lockers with EMI/RFI screen


We create high performance light aluminum alloy shelters, approved for airlift, road transport, and military tactical vehicles. The shelters, in their various configurations, can be equipped with leveling, lifting, air conditioning and fire-fighting systems. The shelters are designed and manufactured to be used readily in extreme environmental conditions (-40°C÷ +55°C), to operate in an NBC-ROTA environment, and comply with current safety criteria in terms of electromagnetic emission abatement.

We are highly qualified in the creation of special containers for the transportation and storage of military devices and equipment (land, naval, air).

Special containers


Antennas and accessories


The very high level of expertise and precision in the processing of light alloy structures allows us to boast a high degree of specialization in the production of customized antenna frames.
Each stage of the manufacturing process meets the highest quality requirements required by leading international clients.

Our services involve the realization of the auxiliary cooling, hydraulic, and electrical systems needed to equip a complete pre-assembled product.
In order to offer a complete service to our customers, we make a wide range of auxiliary structures for the installation and handling of both static and dynamic antennas.

We create parabolic radar structures characterized by high dimensional and physical tolerance requirements.
The guaranteed high quality during the processing, welding and assembly stages, allows us to make customer designed parabolic dishes with high accuracy custom designed convergence characteristics.

Parabolic radars


Civil and industrial mechanical assembly


The experience and working methods that we have acquired in the special use fields is also useful for the fabrication of small and medium series of light alloy mechanical structures in civil and industrial fields, where high standards and construction specifications are required.


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